You may wish to purchase items from a number of locations but have no options as to how to have them collected or place them back to your front door. Ozcargo takes the hassle and inconvenience away by simply collecting (from most shopping centre's) and delivering to any point as required. Ozcargo works with a number of large retail centre's to eliminate barriers for the consumer to purchase whatever you wish and have them sent to your required point / destination. Ozcargo will work with any retailer to move your goods in a cost effective and expeditious manner.

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Ozcargo provides a number of movement options for your baggage and conference items from just about any point within Australia. These can vary from a no stops "Express service" to a cost effective economy and off-peak option. We at Ozcargo will best match up YOUR requirements and provide the best cost effective option for baggage or conference materials / items. We collect from your door at an agreed time with no fuss or delay. Your time remains your time whilst enjoying the pleasant surrounds of your hotel / resort. Ozcargo will work and liaise with any hotel / resort, to make your stay a most enjoyable and worry free experience.

Please contact 1300 852 952 for accurate pricing options

Ozcargo Security Cargo Services provides baggage and conference cargo services from any point within Australia to just about any destination around the world. We provide options based on your requirements with a number of cost effective services readily available to move your items to any international airport or have goods delivered on an express door to door service. Locally, Ozcargo Security Cargo Services can provide full customs clearance and transportation services for any movement of any size, coming into Australia.

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This service offers the traveller a full range of convenient options to move your baggage from point to point if you have accumulated too much for domestic or international flights / trips. Ozcargo will meet you at your hotel / resort and arrange to store and relocate your bags to your next point of stay. We liaise with your next point of call (Hotel / Resort) once the bags have been delivered to make sure that all items are then delivered to your hotel room in a fast and professional manner.

International Transit (Baggage) Insurance is available - just ask your representative for prices

This service provides the traveller with a convenient option, to free up your time and hands. If you are checking out of your hotel / resort, but do not wish to carry your luggage / baggage with you, Ozcargo Security Cargo Services will collect your items, store all items (no restrictions) as required, and deliver them to the airport later that day / evening.

Please contact 1300 852 952 for accurate pricing options

Ozcargo Security Cargo Services provides an established local option, providing "Conference Related Cargo Logistics"

This type of service can provide invaluable insight, cost savings and cargo logistics to each and every company that will hold a conference. Ozcargo can provide time definite and cost effective services within Australia or on a worldwide basis. Providing a locally based logistics service is of paramount importance, as with most cases, if problems arise there is little anyone can do to alleviate and provide the necessary solutions to whatever problem when sitting in a non-local office.

Ozcargo are ready and able to work with any event organizer or company, to handle any sized (large or small) shipments both to and from your conference facilities. We will provide a full itinerary of cargo movements, working at all times to ensure that costs are kept to a minimum and that all the good's movements are correlated to staff members and other primary contacts, as and when required.

We will work as closely as possible to co-ordinate delivery times and cargo movements as required by all relevant parties. This can be easily achieved, working with the local Ozcargo office. For hotels/resorts - Providing a flexible, local service allows you as the local event facility provider, to offer this service to all of your future conference bookings and to allow your services to be continually regarded as second to none.

We will meet (if possible) and continually work with the events organiser, to ensure that all of the required bases are covered. Ozcargo Security Cargo Services, have special agreements in place to move cargo from just about any point within Australia and on an international basis according to the client's requirements.

Please contact 1300 852 952 for accurate pricing options

As Ozcargo Security Cargo Services provides focused services, over our short life span, we have been approached by a number of commercial businesses to handle their Import/Export cargo needs. As we at Ozcargo Security Cargo Services have networks set up and established around Australia and the world, we are in a readily available position to handle any company's cargo needs to any scale large or small.